Caption of the Week #3 – Mad Tea Party

Welcome to Week #3 of the Caption of the Week. This week we visit Fantasyland and the Mad Tea Party for our photo that needs to be captioned. We find the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland enjoying the Mad Tea Party in a rather unique way. You can decide what it is and post a caption below for this week’s Caption of the Week!

To participate all you have to do is leave a comment with the caption that you think is the best caption for this photo. Then you can like your favorite caption(s) to vote for the one that will be deemed the best and added to the photo the following week. Voting can continue after the caption has been chosen but the caption will not be changed. Be creative, have fun, and keep it family friendly!

Caption of the Week #3 - Mad Tea Party
The Curse on Mrs. Potts Has Been Lifted…ish. – Vspeijk