Star Wars Rebels: Idiot’s Array (S1Ep10)- Review


The guest stars and character throwbacks are coming hot and heavy as Billy D. Williams stops by Star Wars Rebels to voice beloved smuggler Lando Calrissian. Which proves that Rebels is serious about tying itself to the established Star Wars universe. Lets take a look.


When Zeb looses Chopper in a game of sebbac to a smooth talking smuggler named Lando Calrissian. For return of the astromech droid, the crew is forced to help Calrissian in a cargo pickup and then smuggle him safely through an imperial blockade. After trading away Hera to a crime lord while causing general discord and chaos among the crew of the Ghost. The real question becomes whose side is Lando on?

After barely making it through the blockade thanks to an incident involving a puffer pig and being intercepted by the crime lord Azmorigan in Lothal, the crew manages to concur all while stealing the fuel from Lando’s ship, which the smuggler acknowledges makes them even.


My Two Cents

Lando!! Honestly, it was a little hard for me to get passed getting a glimpse at my favorite Star wars character. Honestly, even as a child there is something about William’s smooth vocal cadence that is all too attractive.

It’s wonderful to know that Rebels has been serious about getting the original actors to voice their characters instead of throwing the characters in with other (probably equally talented voice actors) simply for brownie points.)

The episode was fun, spry, and sassy and a wonderful show case for both the character of Lando and of Rebel’s regular Hera who once again proves her meddle away from the flight controls.

I do have to say hearing Lando say the words “M’lady” gave me pause as my brain instantly imaging my favorite Star Wars character in a trilby and a neck beard but alas I quickly moved on when Lando supposedly “betrayed” the crew by trading Hera. I have also decided that Hera is the smartest person on the whole boat, “That was a really useful tray,” left me in stitches.

I have also decided that I really want a pet puffer pig.

This episode was a wonderful break from all the Ezra Bridger drama and showcased the rest of the crew. I am ready for the next episode especially now that I am being teased by the appearance of my second favorite character, a small beloved green Jedi.


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