Indominous Rex Revealed by Jurassic World

Indominous Rex - Jurassic WorldJurassic World has released marketing for Indominous Rex. It is billed as being bigger, louder, and with more teeth in a photo that was released on their facebook page. It shows a giant stadium with guests walking towards it. One can only imagine that this is where the Jurassic World team shows off their not so little creation.

Indominous Rex FactsIndominous Rex has also been added to the Jurassic World website in the list of dinosaurs that can be visited while visiting this updated version of Jurassic Park. According to the page, the Indominous Rex is “very high” on the aggression scale. It is also a carnivore which is no surprise.

About Indominous RexIt is interesting to note some of the connections already being made with the original movie, the main one being that of the origin of Indominous Rex: Hammond Creation Lab.

It also is interesting to notice that they aren’t giving away everything about this new kind of dinosaurs. The weight is TBD and the length is listed as “currently 40 ft.” This implies that it could get bigger and longer and is still growing. Lucky Chris Pratt.

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Did You Know? - Indominous Rex

Facts are fun, but seeing the Indominous Rex is even more fun. While it isn’t a full view of the dinosaur, it is definitely one that would be terrifying to see in real life… or perhaps even on the screen. With this new webpage, fans can now see their first official glimpse of what the Indominous Rex will look like. It is definitely what nightmares could be made from… or a really cool movie.

Take a look:

Indominous Rex - Jurassic World Website
Indominous Rex – Jurassic World Website

 What do you think of Indominous Rex? Are you excited for this movie? Are you excited to see what it really looks like when people are facing this terrifying face of teeth?

Jurassic World roars into theaters on June 12.

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