Disneyland, Star Wars & #YoureGreat Campaign- Geeks Corner – Episode 414

Disneyland, Star Wars & #YoureGreat Campaign - Geeks Corner - Episode 413Welcome to the FIRST Geeks Corner episode of 2015! We are excited for this year and are looking to do a lot of new things and make Geeks Corner (and DAPs Magic in general) bigger and better than ever before! That means we’ll have new segments (one in particular I’m really looking forward to), new guests, and a few other new surprises. Let’s take a look at what this show is going to cover.

#youregreat campaign

This week’s episode starts off with some very sad news. Longtime viewer and reader Lance Chapman took his life over the holiday break. He regularly interacted with both Geeks Corner and DAPs Magic with comments that were always positive. He was a guy who regularly brought magic into the lives of those around him, when he was a cast member and then after. It is always sad to lose someone who becomes a friend through the power of Disney magic and the internet. It’s even sadder that he felt he had no where to go and no one to turn to. To honor his memory, we have added a new small section on the home page of DAPs Magic. This is the beginning of what we are calling the #youregreat campaign. This campaign will offer words of encouragement on a regular basis. We are also encouraging people to post encouraging posts on all social media platforms with the #youregreat hashtag. The ultimate goal of this is that we want everyone to know that they matter. We also want anyone who comes into contact with DAPs Magic to know that at DAPs Magic they will find a friend. From this day forward, DAPs Magic will be proactively positive as we work to be a place where people can share their love of Disney and find a friend.

Ant-Man Trailer

The trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man has been released with the first episode of Agent Carter. The geeks talk about their thoughts with the trailer and ask a few questions about Ant-Man. You can see the trailer here. What did you think of it?

Geek Girl’s Disneyland Survival Tips: Shoes

This week we unveil a new segment called Geek Girl’s Disneyland Survival Tips. This is a segment where Hayley the Hatter will be sharing some of her tips for surviving trips to the Disneyland Resort. Her first topic, shoes.

Topsy Turvy Day

The first Geeks Corner episode of 2015 was filmed on Topsy Turvy Day. You remember that from The Hunchback of Notre Dame right? The geeks talk about this movie and also about the in-the-round stage show that followed it at the Disneyland Resort.

Star Wars Half-Marathon

The Star Wars Half-Marathon is coming to the Disneyland Resort from January 15-18. It will be a crazy busy weekend and the question has to be asked: Will this be the biggest half-marathon weekend for the Disneyland Resort? Could anything be bigger? Which one is bigger, Star Wars or Frozen?


MyMagic+ will be debuting at the Disneyland Resort sometime in the future. While not a lot of details are known about the Disneyland incarnation of this yet, some of the geeks have had experience with it at Walt Disney World. They discuss how it could be a good thing for the Disneyland Resort when it is implemented here in whatever way it is implemented.


Galavant is the new musical comedy mini series that is appearing on ABC. The geeks talk about the first two episodes that have been released. This isn’t the most kid-friendly show in the world so parents are advised to pre-screen it before watching with the whole family. What did you think of Galavant?

It’s a very packed show this week and we hope you enjoy it. We continue to work to improve our technology and production value so bear with us as we get things better and better. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them! With that, let’s go to the corner!

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