The Disneyland Resort Conserves Water Even with Shows Such as 'World of Color'


Did you know that the Walt Disney Company strives to be a responsible environmentally friendly company? Walt Disney himself made it known that this was one of his main goals. “Immediate need for education and practice in using our natural resources of soil, forest, water, wildlife and areas of inspirational beauty to the best advantage of all,” said Walt.

Disney Parks Blog shared a pretty exciting story about how the resort conserves water, especially for shows such as ‘World of Color’ at the Disneyland Resort.

Back in 2007, the world has not yet seen the wonders of ‘World of Color.’ So when it was time drain Paradise Bay to make room for the new fountains, all the water was sent to the Orange County Water District’s groundwater replenishment system. That’s right, 16 millions gallons of water was sent to this system to be recycled, instead of being sent into a storm drain. When it was time to fill up the bay in 2009, all the water was then returned from the same system.

As part of their environmentally friendly ways, the resort was awarded the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2009.

The same system of recycling water is also used for Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. This attraction just recently came back from a lengthy refurbishment where the water in the lagoon was drained then filled back up.

And if you ever wanted to know who was in charge of filling up Paradise Bay, check out the video below of Goofy and Mickey hard at work.


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