"Disney Imagicademy" Educational App to Launch 12/11

Launching on December 11, a brand new “technology-driven” learning app will be released by Disney Consumer Products. The series titled, Disney Imagicademy, will focus on children in the age ranges of 3 to 8. With this app, children can learn basic educational concepts through fun games and story-lines. Their favorite Disney pals will be there along the way to guide them through the app.

In this series, there will be over 30 app-based experiences. As of now, only five of the 30 will be released on December 11. Along with the app, there will also be a parent companion app. This allows parents to keep track of their child’s progress. In 2015, physical products, such as books, will be launched as well with this program. Concepts to be covered include math, creative arts, science, language arts, social skills and emotional skills.

“Disney Consumer Products is transforming the future of our industry by integrating storytelling, play–and now learning–to create deeper, more engaging experiences for kids and families,” said Bob Chapek, president, Disney Consumer Products.

The first product to be released in the series is called Mickey’s Magical Math World. Activities involved in this set are “Mickey’s Super Rocket Shapes,” “Donald’s Number Launcher,” “Minnie’s Robot Count-Along,” “Daisy’s Bedtime Countdown” and “Goofy’s Silly Sorting.” This will be exclusively available for iPad only.

“Early math experiences are an essential part of building confident learners,” said Dr. Douglas H. Clements, member of the Disney Imagicademy Board of Advisors. “Such experiences are surprisingly important to children’s development not only of mathematics topics, but of higher-order thinking skills and general success in school. I am pleased that Disney Imagicademy is helping to produce those experiences with research-driven curriculum and high-quality game mechanics, and I am excited to see its impact on early learning.”

In the lineup of Disney Imagicademy, the next series will be released in January and will be called Mickey’s Magical Arts World. This will be available through the Apple App Store.

If you would like more information on Disney Imagicademy, please visit their website by clicking here. Also, be sure to see the latest on their Twitter feed.

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