Beautiful Night, Beautiful Castle

Sleeping Beauty's Winter Castle
Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle is always a beautiful focal point of the Disneyland Resort. During the Christmas season though, it becomes even more dazzling. Every night the “snow falls” and it lights up with the beauty of a wintery and snowy Disney magic to become Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. While it looks pretty cool during the day, at night it becomes downright magical. I can still remember the first year they did this. I was a fairly new transplant to California from Minnesota. As the snow came down on Main Street and on the Castle to the sounds of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas, I couldn’t help but catch myself thinking that Disney had nailed it. Sure, it wasn’t freezing. Sure it wouldn’t be something I would have to shovel in the morning. And it wouldn’t cause and cars to slide into the ditch. But… it sure did feel like it could lead to that. My imagination wandered and remembered many white Christmases in Minnesota and I found myself suddenly feeling quite homesick.

Each year, the magic of the Disney Holidays cast that spell on thousands (if not millions?) of people as the snow falls on Main Street and Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. The homesickness has turned to nostalgia for me and it has become something I look forward to yearly. After all, I get the beauty of the season without ending up in a ditch!

What is your favorite part of the Disney Holidays? Is there anything that makes you nostalgic?

Make it a GREAT day!

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