2014 Disney Stories Countdown #5 – Disneyland's 60th & End of Attractions

Disneyland_59th_Birthday_July_17_2014-60Anticipating the turn of the clock for the new year, I usually like to look back at the top stories that we covered in the year.  2014 was full of some exciting stories and announcements.  It’s hard to narrow down to just 5, so I’m going to take some poetic license and group a few together.

This first batch follows the concepts of beginnings and ends.  Although Disneyland has been open for a long time…59 years in fact…there is still a beginning.  This last summer, Disneyland announced its 60th celebration for 2015: the diamond anniversary.  During the ceremony, the logo was unveiled, and a vague announcement of what’s to come in celebration was stated.

Check out these posts about the announcement on July 17, 2014, including video.

Main announcement

The ceremony

The recap


norway maelstromAs for the other side of a beginning, there were some ends.  At Walt Disney World, two attractions that have been loved by many guests saw their last days: Epcot’s Maelstrom and Disney Hollywood Studios’ Backlot Tour.  Maelstrom was a flume ride that took guests through the history and spirit of Norway.  The Backlot Tour was an evolved form of an opening day attraction, where guests could see the behind the scenes of movie making.  It may be sad to see them go, but there will be some great family entertainment to replace them.  As Walt Disney said on the opening day of Disneyland (see the connection, eh?), the parks will never be complete so long as there is imagination left in the world.  As we look forward to what will come as new features of the parks, here’s a look back at the past attractions:

Epcot’s Maelstrom

DHS Studio Backlot Tour

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