2014 Disney Stories Countdown #2 – Disney Side 24 Hours

Rock Your Disney Side 24 (19)You may be wondering why this is number 2 after Marvel and Star Wars movies for 2014 coverage of Disney stories.  Well, it’s in the context of what we’ve covered on Daps Magic.

Rock Your Disney Side 24 Hour Event was a huge gathering at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.  Though we’ve covered the 24 hour events before, this year had us try something different: a live coverage on YouTube!  Yes.  We were crazy enough to not just have 24 hours of continuous coverage, but it turned out to be 32 as we also covered the period before the park opened.

It was a lot of fun, and something very memorable.  Witness Johnny 5 as he tries to stay awake while forgetting what he was talking about just a minute ago!  Witness as I interview Captain America and Thor!  See many take over Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for 24 hours!  It was a terrific time, and if you’ve got 32 hours to spare, watch it all.  Or pick and choose what you want to see.