Tiger on the Loose by Disneyland Paris

This Thursday,  ABC News released an article stating that a tiger was on the loose near the Disneyland Resort Paris. Yes, that is right, a tiger. We all thought it was Tigger looking for Pooh but this is not the Hundred Acre Woods. Locals were informed to stay inside while the animal is being located.


In the town of of Montevrain, which is six miles from Disneyland Paris, residents sent out noticed on Facebook warning others to stay inside. A muddy footprint of the tiger was discovered and soon examined, estimating the tiger’s weight of around 154 pounds.

A nearby wild cat animal park, Parc des Felins, had all its animals accounted for. Over at Disneyland Paris, the resort does not house this type of creature. A spokesperson from Disneyland Paris issued this statement, “We are working with authorities but so far they have not asked us close-off the park. We have gates all around us and police are patrolling the area. We cannot intervene outside the park. It’s public property.” The question of where the tiger came from is a mystery.

Local authorities and officials are working their best to locate the animal. With caution in the air, towns people are on high alert. As of 7:20 PM local time in France, the hunt for the tiger has been put on hold till morning due to loss of daylight, according to Mirror online.

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