Not Kidding… Sherlock is Back at 221b


There isn’t a lot of information but two photos have hit the internet today with a peak towards the future of Sherlock. They both appear to be focusing on the stand alone Sherlock special that is expected to air next Christmas.

The following tweet came from the BBC One twitter handle today:

It is interesting looking at this photo because it is definitely a different look for the duo of sleuths. It also appears that Sherlock was photoshopped into the photo as his shoulder seems to disappear. If anything can be deduced about this at this point, I’m really not sure. I’m not Sherlock sadly. There was also this picture also appeared on the Sherlock facebook page:

Sherlock Special - Script


Things are move forward. The other day we announced some of the other things going on with Sherlock and perhaps some of the tragic expectations. What are you hoping to see when Sherlock returns?

Make it a GREAT day!

  • Mr. DAPs