The Force Awakens Toy Story’s Big Hero 6 – Geeks Corner – Episode 406

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The Force Awakens Toy Story’s Big Hero - Geeks Corner - Episode 406
The Force Awakens Toy Story’s Big Hero – Geeks Corner – Episode 406

Welcome to Geeks Corner! This week there is a lot to cover so we’ll get right into it! Before anything though, we need to remember that this is the month of Thanksgiving so that means Super Turkeys! If you would like to make your own Super Turkey, you can go to and download the templates. Also take a moment to tell us what you are thankful for and we’ll put it in the “Thank Tank.”

Star Wars Episode VII is now Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Johnny 5 takes a stab at what the plot will be for this movie. Then Mr. DAPs and crew chat about what this title could mean and where the movie(s) could go. More information can be found here:

If you thought it was the end of the line for the Toy Story movies after that very emotional Toy Story 3, think again. It was announced last week that Pixar is working on Toy Story 4. Time to talk about what that could mean and where THIS franchise could go as well. Will Pixar start following the Marvel model? Here is the info on this story:

Disneyland’s Fantasmic! is getting a fastpass system. While not a lot is known about the exact details of it, the concept is discussed on Geeks Corner this week. Here is the article accompanying this topic:

Big Hero 6 won the box office race this weekend. Mr. DAPs & Hayley the Hatter talk about what they thought about this movie. Here is Mr. DAPs review:

Christmas officially begins at the Disneyland Resort on November 13 but decorations and entertainment is already happening all over. Time to chat about Holiday Time at the Disneyland Resort. Information on Holiday Time is here:

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