6 Months of Baby Cosplay

I have a hard time believing that I have been a mom for six months. It seems like forever and hardly at all at the same time. But here I am mom-ing it up and teaching him all the important things by watching Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, cloth diapering and making my own baby food and of course the importance of homemade cosplays.

I have been making Geek baby monthly cosplays as a part of his monthly milestones and I figured it was time to share.

Here are the last 6 months of Geek baby’s costumes.

Month 1 – Mike Wazowski


baby cosplay


Month 2 – Naruto Nine Tail Fox

baby cosplay baby cosplay baby cosplay 


Month 3 – Browncoat

baby cosplay

baby cosplay baby cosplay


Month 4 – Waterbender

baby cosplay baby cosplay baby cosplay


Month 5 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


baby cosplaybaby cosplay baby cosplay baby cosplay


Month 6 – Ewok

baby cosplay baby cosplay


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  1. Lol this could very well be the cutest post every put on DAPs Magic. Well done! You are a great mom!

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