Throwback Thursday- The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad


Happy October everyone! October has always been my favorite month. So in celebration of my favorite month, I will be reviewing, commentating (is that a word?), and otherwise talking about various Halloween Disneyana this month! First up will be the Ichabod portion of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. This is one of my favorite Disney movies. Not Top 5 but definitely Top 10. This also marks the first Throwback Thursday, a blog that will feature older Disney movies both live action and animated and my thoughts on them. This will not be a weekly blog but more than likely monthly or bi-monthly as I see fit.

Ichabod starts off nice and slow narrated by Bing Crosby (I love him too!). He introduces us to Ichabod, we find out that Ichabod has moved to Sleepy Hollow to become the new school master. He isn’t the most normal looking person in town. He is tall and lanky with a beak like nose.

bromNext we are introduced to Brom Bones, leader of the Sleepy Hollow boys and later Ichabod’s rival. Brom reminds me a little of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Not quite as evil, but definitely mischievous. Brom is caught by surprise by how popular Ichabod becomes around town despite his looks and superstitions.

Ichabod grows comfortable in town and takes part in various groups around town such as the woman’s choral society. He is the target of Brom’s katrinapractical jokes. It is about this time that Katrina Van Tassel comes to town. Not only is she beautiful but rich as well. This causes the rivalry between Brom and Ichabod to heat up though Ichabod seems little aware of it. Katrina pays more attention to Ichabod as he does not bully others to gain her attention.

Katrina personally invites Ichabod to her father’s Halloween party. While at the party Brom becomes jealous of all the attention Ichabod is receiving from Katrina. After the dancing he notices Ichabod is very superstitious and decides to tell the Legend of the ichmoonHeadless Horseman. Ichabod becomes very scared and nervous knowing he has a long horse ride home which happens to be in the woods and near the cemetery Brom mentions in his story.

I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it but the end is quite spooky (for a Disney movie anyway) and fun for those who like scary things! You can also find the Headless Horseman song sung by none other than Thurl Ravenscroft on iTunes!

Happy October and Have a Magical Day!!!



7 responses to “Throwback Thursday- The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”

  1. This was always a Halloween tradition to watch this one during October. Great memories!

    1. I have already watched it recently but I have a feeling it will get another viewing before Halloween!

      1. haha yea, I’ll have to play catchup I guess!

  2. Hello McFly Avatar
    Hello McFly

    I haven’t seen this since I was little! I am looking this up on YouTube later and reliving the Disney nostalgia.

    1. They just released it on blu-ray! It is definitely worth picking up!

  3. The tale of Ichabod has been one of my all time favorites too. I’ve even wanted to see an attraction at the parks where you’re being chased by a headless horseman, though that could be a bit too scary.

    1. I think that would be pretty cool! It would be no scarier than going through Hell on Mr. Toad I’d think. A Sleepy Hollow Dark ride would be amazing!!!

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