Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Trailer Is Here To Blow Your Mind

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And Marvel movies just get darker and darker and I am in geek heaven! This new movie has everything you could ask for from Joss Whedon: sadistic truth preaching robots, the promise of the end of the world, heroes who have given up and turned on each other along with beautiful scenes, new villains and the tease that are our heroes don’t make it.

This grim trailer shows us the Avengers clearly dealing not only with trouble between each other but internally and by adding in the creepy Pinocchio music just send chills up your spine. We see Bruce curled up struggling for control, Thor screaming in a rock pit of water (shirtless I might add, thanks for that Joss), and Captain America’s shield broken in two leaves very little confidence in our heroes to pull it together to take on Ultron.

There appears to be a lot of hostility towards Tony as well. With Thor picking Tony up by the throat and, in what will most likely be a most epic fight, we see Hulk and Iron-Hulk (aka Hulk Buster) going blow-for-blow.

There are many questions that come from this: Why are Hulk and Iron Man fighting? What is wrong with Bruce? What the hell is strong enough to destroy Captain America’s shield? What are Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver doing with Ultron and where the hell did they come from? (Reminder they were featured in the credit sequence for Captain America: Winter Soldier.) Why is Black Widow so freaked out?

It will be incredibly exciting to see what happens with this movie, the franchise and how it will affect Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Oh and if Marvel wasn’t awesome enough for giving us this trailer earlier than expected, their response to the ‘leak’ is perfect!

Watch the trailer here:



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  1. My excitement for this movie knows no bounds! Though after hearing Pinocchio’s “I’ve Got No Strings” in that setting, I might never be able to watch the movie again.

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