2D drawn animation is an artistic talent that is dying out in the entertainment world. What if I said you could help 2D animation make a comeback? Currently on Indiegogo.com, there is a project called Hullabaloo that is trying to reach its projected goals and become a short animated film.


Hullabaloo is a film based on the concept of steampunk and follows a young girl as she tries to find her father. Throughout her adventure, she meets new people and fights to save her father’s inventions from wealthy villains. Can she save technology so that it’s used for the good of society?

This film is being produced by veteran Disney animators and cast of dedicated artists. Having made it past its goal, additional animated shorts will be added if the next level of money met.

You can help by visiting their Indiegogo Page. Each level of donation has a new incentive, so be sure to check it out.


What do you think about this new 2D hand drawn animation project?