Geek Eats- Taco Tuesday!

IMG_0179Greetings Foodies! Welcome to this edition of Geek Eats! This week’s topic is very near and dear to my heart. I’m going to talk about my favorite day of the week, no not Friday, Taco Tuesday! Taco Tuesday is a popular cultural phenomenon in which, like it describes, people eat tacos on Tuesday. This was very likely started by restaurants try to promote more sales.

About a month after we started dating, Mister and I decided that we too wanted to get in on this Taco Tuesday thing. It has been an ongoing thing ever since. We have done all sorts of different tacos! We have done the standard carne asada, carnitas, traditional ground beef, chicken fajita, chorizo and fish tacos. In addition, we have ventured into the not so standard with swordfish, blackened salmon with mango habanero salsa, grilled mushroom escabeche, lobster and more! In the past 7 months we have not missed a single Taco Tuesday! IMG_0071

Below are some of our quick and easy go to recipes:

Flank Steak– Grill a flank steak on the bbq and top with fresh onion and cilantro. You can also add a little Cholula for a bit of a kick. We prefer corn tortillas for these tacos.

Chicken Fajita– Sautee or grill chicken breast and top with grilled onions and peppers seasoned with taco or fajita seasoning. Flour tortillas or corn are both great for these.

Grilled Veggie– Grill up some of your favorite veggies (cut down to tortilla size) and top with cheese, greek yogurt and hot sauce. Any tortilla would be good with this, corn, flour or even crunchy.

Hopefully these easy recipes will inspire you to come up with your own and join in on the Taco Tuesday craze! I’d love to hear what you’re trying; so either leave a comment below or tweet using the hashtag #GeekEats! Stay tuned because next week I’m going to be talking about Disney food! Happy Taco Tuesday!

Enjoy What You Eat!