Time to Bring Out the Gingerbread House Jack Skellington Style

It’s that time of the year in which two holidays collide. Once again, the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park will transform into its holiday layover. Haunted Mansion Holiday will be decked out for the holidays as Jack Skellington tries to figure out the meaning of Christmas.

Each year, the attraction hosts a brand new gingerbread house. Located in the main ballroom scene, the smell of gingerbread fills the air. It seems so yummy, you probably would like to take a bite. Disney Parks Blog shared a sketch of the new gingerbread house design.

HGH558534 Graphic designer and sculptor, Tim Wollweber said ,” we’ve definitely taken the design towards scary this year.” He also went to add on,”It was basically a large, coffin-like box with spikes on the inside, and any person forced to stand inside would get uncomfortable very fast.”

With much work to be done, over 200 pounds of gingerbread and 200 pounds of royal icing, the new gingerbread house will be ready just in time in as the Haunted Mansion Holiday opens on September 12.

Do you find this gingerbread house ghoulishly delicious?

2 thoughts on “Time to Bring Out the Gingerbread House Jack Skellington Style”

  1. I rather enjoyed this year’s Gingerbread House. It seemed a bit darker than past years and I feel that is more thematically correct with Nightmare Before Christmas story and tone.

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