Patent Applications Filed by Disney For Use of Drones in Theme Parks

In a recent report by the Orlando Sentinel, Disney has filed several patent applications for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). These drones are said to be used for “entertainment” and as “projection screens” in their theme parks, according to the patents filed.

Three patent applications were said to be filed according to blog Stitch Kingdom. The first patent being for a multi-drone system that would be used as a nighttime screen projector. The images would create ” floating pixels.”

The second patent is said to be more detailed. In the application,” the UAVs execute the flight plans to move and to position the flexible projection screens within the display air space.” This information is from the application’s abstract.

Lastly, the third patent would involve balloons and large puppets. The drones would attach to the puppets, making them appear animated.

All in all, according to the patent applications filed by Disney, the concept of having drones used in the park for entertainment options appear futuristic. There is still that lingering thought if  future patents will be filed for drones being used as security. Disney is always on the cutting edge of entertainment. We will just have to wait and see what is to come from these applications.

What is your take on these UAV applications?


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