James Bond to Face Off Against Iconic Henchman

Jaws - Moonraker
Jaws – James Bond Moonraker

News about James Bond 24 has been rather minimal as of late but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. As we slowly crawl towards the yet untitled 007 flick, we search the net for any news of what is to come. Finally, something breaks and we get to share it here. The news we have to share today comes from a casting call. The producers of the next Bond film are looking for an iconic henchman to fight with Bond, James Bond.

A casting call went out looking for a guy that is at least 6’2″ to play a henchman currently being called Hinx. They are looking for an “imposing extremely physically fit actor.”  This guy will have to do some stunt work (fighting with James Bond), drive, and they are looking for someone “very unusual. Possibly from a sports background.” 

What does this mean for the next James Bond 24?

Oddjob - Goldfinger
Oddjob – James Bond Goldfinger

It appears that James Bond is returning to its roots. Traditionally there have been physically imposing and memorable henchmen pitted against Bond. Think of Jaws or Oddjob. If they are successful, the next James Bond film will have an iconic henchman that will be as memorable as the two mentioned before.

For now, fans will just have to wait to see how this casting call plays out. It can be guessed that clues of its success or failure will be garnered from the first press photos of this henchman.

Filming for James Bond 24 begins in December at Pinewood Studios and is expected to continue through June. James Bond 24 should be hitting theaters on November 6, 2015.

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