Donald Glover to Voice Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

The comic version of Miles Morales
The comic version of Miles Morales

Coming to Disney XD is the Ultimate Spider-Man on Ultimate Spider-Man!  Yes, I know that sounds confusing.  Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors is going to have a fun event that will bring many popular Spider-Mans together.  One of them is the current Ultimate Spider-Man in comics.

Miles Morales has dawned the web duds after Peter Parker is killed in this alternate universe comic.  He’s as much Spider-Man as Peter was, but is a totally different person behind the mask.  The comics created quite the buzz when he took over, as he’s a prominent ethnic minority character.  He’s become quite popular among comic readers, and that is something considering he took over from a very long standing super hero.  Many times when this happens in comics it doesn’t go over well.

In the television cartoon series, Miles will be voiced by Community vet Donald Glover.  USA Today broke the news and talked about how Glover is a great fit to voice the alternate universe character.  Glover wanted to play the web crawler in the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise.  He seems to be a big fan of Spidey.

miles-glover-social-9d38cThe event that will take the regular Peter Parker around dimensions is centered on the Green Goblin trying to steal DNA from several Spider-Men.  Fans will see favorites like Scarlet Spider, Iron Spider, Spider-Man 2099, and others.  It seems to coincide with the comics event Spider-Verse where similar things are happening.  In the comics, Spideys from all over will be seen and given their own issues to get a glimpse of these unique takes on the classic hero.

I’m looking forward to this cartoon event and comic event!  I’m especially looking forward to the real Ultimate Spider-Man being on the show.  Miles Morales is a great character that I hope will be given more of a spotlight.  Look for the event to come soon on Disney XD!

Until next time, have a Marvel-ous day!

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