Disney’s Quarter Earnings Rank In Success

During the recent quarter, The Walt Disney Company reported an earning of $12.46 billion in revenue according to The Hollywood Reporter. Due to box office hits such as Captain America: The Winter Solider and Maleficent, this summer was successful. Tuesday’s quarterly earning call gave a recap of the company’s recent success.


Having set a record of earned shares, Frozen still continues to reel in revenue. With over $1.27 billion worldwide, it has become the number one animated movie of all time. Other movies such as the recently released Guardians of the Galaxy had a week opening of $94 million in the United States.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said, “We’re extremely pleased with these results and we are also thrilled with the spectacular performance of Guardians of the Galaxy, which holds great promise as a new franchise for our company and once again reinforces the tremendous value of Marvel.”

As for the animation studio, much is planned such as the release of Big Hero 6 in November and Pixar’s Inside Out.

Let’s not forget Star Wars VII which is to debut next year in December. Also mentioned, Star Wars is said to make a larger presences in Disney Parks. No further details were released.

Disney Parks and Resorts increased profits by eight percent, increasing revenue to $4 billion. As for consumer products, sales increased by 16 percent.

Next quarter is already predicted to be a success due to announced projects. With many things in the works, much is expect for the company.

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