Disneynature's Bears – Blu-Ray Review by Mr. DAPs

Disneynature's Bears Blu-Ray Review by Mr. DAPsDisneynature continues the tradition of telling nature’s stories. It is a tradition started by Walt Disney himself with the True Life Adventures. Now, with the help of narrator John C. Reilly, Disneynature tells the story of a family of bears. This takes place in the wilds of Alaska through the course of a year with Skye and her two cubs Amber and Scout. Alaska is a very big and dangerous place and this young family faces those dangers together as they search for food and survival.


The quality of this film was the standard that is now expected from Disneynature. There are gorgeous vistas, crystal clear closeups, and some shots that simply leave the viewer wondering how they were achieved. All this to say, this is a beautiful movie and it looked beautiful on the blu-ray presentation. The sound was as crystal clear as some of the beautiful Alaskan water that was being shown. This could be a movie that would be almost as enjoyable to just listen to without video if it weren’t so beautiful. The quality behind both of these elements left nothing to be desired.

Disneynature's Bears

Bonus Features

The bonus features included with Disneynature’s Bears were enjoyable but left me wanting more. These are the kinds of bonus features that I could watch for hours, not just minutes. Seeing that they are basically mini documentaries about a documentary though, I suppose they get a pass.  These are worth taking a few minutes and checking out.

  • Welcome To Alaska – A behind the scenes look at the team filming in Alaska, with all the challenges that come with it.
  • The Future For The Bears – A look at the lives of bears along with the dangers surrounding them. There is also an interview with Dr. Jane Goodall.
  • A Guide To Living With Bears – Bears aren’t safe. Learn how the production team, with the help of local guides, mitigated some of the risks as they learned to predict the behavior of the animals they were filming.
  • How Did They Film That? – This answers the question that was asked multiple times throughout the film, how DID they film that?
  • “Carry On” Music Video By Olivia Holt

Disneynature's Bears

Final Thoughts

The more I’ve thought about this movie, the more I really feel that Bears was almost a return to the personified storytelling of the old True Life Adventures. This is a movie of family, heart, trials, risk, and reward. It has its ups and downs but there is nothing in it that will horrify any young family members. There are a few moments that look like they could become intense but then that really never materializes. Because of this, I think it is completely family friendly. Some really sensitive little ones might find moments overwhelming but the cuteness of the cubs will probably overcome that. In that regard, this movie succeeded at the delicate dance as it balanced between showing nature’s dangers and also keeping things safe for the whole family. Add John C. Reilly as the narrator and the whole thing becomes a Teddy Bear of a film. I definitely would have liked to see more bonus features but we can’t get everything we want, right? That being said, a hat tip goes to this film.