Marvel Making Moon Knight Movie?

Moon_Knight_descendingThere’s some buzz I’ve come across online about a possible easter egg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The egg in question is where there a list of people that Sitwell mentions.  In it the obvious egg is Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange.  But, there’s a mention of some trouble in Cairo with an individual.  Where it could be passed off, it could also point to Marc Spector.  Spector is known by another alias which is Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is an interesting character in the Marvel universe.  He has been an Avenger from time to time.  He’s been dubbed as Marvel’s Batman, but where Batman has issues, Spector is one step further.  He’s almost certifiably insane.  One problem with that is his powers ebb and flow according to phases of the moon.  Hence, Moon Knight.  The insanity that he deals with is a multiple personality disorder.  Where it could interfere with his crimefighting, it ends up helping.  Or so it would seem.

Is Marvel developing a movie based on this intriguing hero?  Only they know.  But, this would be an interesting film.  Moon Knight is intriguing because of the disorder, showing he can still be productive.  But, he teeters on the edge of harming himself.  Most of his abilities are enhanced natural ones, and he has a fortune that can equip him with weapons and tech to combat crime.  He’s not the most popular Marvel hero, but a unique one.

In the meantime of any news at all about Moon Knight, check out past issues on Marvel apps, and also check out the Secret Avengers for appearances of the troubled hero.