Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes

Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in A Slight Trick of the Mind

Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes
Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in Mr. Holmes

Fans of Sherlock Holmes and Ian McKellen will be pleased to see the first look of Sir Ian McKellen as the famous consulting detective in this first look at McKellen from his upcoming film A Slight Trick of the Mind. McKellen shared the photo on his facebook with the following caption:

Over 70 actors have previously played Sherlock Holmes. Now he’s 93 years old and it’s my turn, in “Mr Holmes.” The great detective has long since retired to the countryside, with his housekeeper (Laura Linney) and his bees. But there’s one last case to be solved. And there’s the sting.

A Slight Trick of the Mind finds Sherlock Holmes in the twilight years of life. Now living in Sussex, he is a bee keeper. There is still one case that remains for Sherlock to solve as he deals with his mind slowly diminishing.

Bill Condon is directing A Slight Trick of the Mind. Ian McKellen will be joined by Laura Linney who will be playing Holmes’ housekeeper Mrs. Munro. She also serves as a caretaker for Holmes as she and her son live with the aging detective.

A Slight Trick of the Mind is scheduled to be in theaters in 2015.

What do you think? How does McKellen look as Sherlock Holmes?

This is a movie that I’m definitely looking forward to seeing. I think Ian McKellen has what it takes to make for an awesome aging Sherlock Holmes. I’m curious to hear more about the case he will be struggling to solve. I also would love to be surprised and discover that Sir Patrick Stewart is Dr. Watson but… I’m not even sure that there is going to be a Dr. Watson in this film. Ian McKellen is one of the best actors out there and the Sherlock Holmes stories have always been completely fascinating to me. This one is going to be good and I can’t wait to see it!

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