Appleseed Amanda's Tips for ‘Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush’

Frontierland has become a bit wilder in the past week at the Disneyland Resort. By that, I mean the exciting “Legends of Frointerland: Gold Rush” has turned the area into a place of adventure, story-telling and fun. If you like competition and team building, this is one thing that you must try.

Now at first, things may be a little confusing. Trust me, it becomes easier the more you become involved in the story. To start off, you must think of a new name for yourself. This name will represent your character throughout your journey in “Legends of Frontierland.” You can receive your name tag at any of the locations in the area. In addition to getting a name tag, picking up a map at the Trading Post, which a can be found at the entrance of Frontierland, will help you navigate your way around these wild parts.

Up next is the toughest choice you will have to make all day, choosing to be on side of Frontierland or of Rainbow Ridge. Each side has their own reasoning of why they are the best. Whatever choice you make, your name tag colors will represent which part of town you are rooting for.

For example, I decided to be on the Rainbow Ridge side (the best side), so I was given a yellow name tag with my name of “Appleseed Amanda” on it. Once I placed my name tag on, I was ready to claim land in the name of Rainbow Ridge!

Now that you are a part of a side, it is time to get involved with the people that run the town. You can visit the Telegraph Station, the Sheriff’s Office and even venture inside The Golden Horseshoe to discover ways in which you can earn “bits.” Bits and communication are the two most import things to remember. Bits are the currency of the land, without them, you cannot buy any land. There is no charge when it comes to obtaining bits. Bits are earned by completing tasks. These task can range from being really easy such as delivering a telegraph, all the way up to betraying your team and switching to the other side.

Bits come in the form of wooden coins. Each coin is worth 5 bits. If you reach 50 bits, you can trade them in for pieces of gold. The more you have the more land you can buy. The more land you buy, the more power your side of town has in reaching the mines that discovered gold! Land is purchased through bits and if you would like to claim a spot, visit the Trading Post. Land can also be auctioned off and those occur at the Telegraph Station.

A good way to earn bits is by playing cards inside The Golden Horseshoe. You can even go on the hunt for outlaws. If you do capture an outlaw, turn them into the sheriff to receive your bounty. Wanted posters can be found at the Sheriff’s office. Most of the drawings are pretty accurate to what the person looks like. If you are having trouble locating the person of interest, reading name tags is a good way to locate the person. It’s pretty neat seeing all the other names of people in the area. They can be very creative.

The telegraph station will have a variety of tasks coming through, so it’s the best bet to find a task there. Just be sure to wait your turn in line. It can be a popular spot. You can even get your purchase of land notarized at this station to make it official. Best of all, you can never be too sure what’s going to happen. A full on dance battle broke out in. Both sides danced it out to see who the best was.

If you would like to take a break, The Golden Horseshoe has some great on stage entertainment. There will even be some yummy food to enjoy.

In addition to all the fun and character roles, “Legends of Frontierland” is a great way to make friends and experience Disneyland is a new way. You are fully immersed into the story and do become a part of all that is going on. You may even leave with a western accent. It may take a while to get an understanding of what is going on, but you will soon get the hang of it. If you do have any questions, cast members will gladly help. All in all, just remember to have fun and enjoy!

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