The Billys Get a New Name – Kirk Wall and the Hillbillies

Kirk Wall and the Hillbillies

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies will no longer be performing at the Disneyland Resort after January 6, 2014. This retirement has been disappointing for many Disney fans who have loved Billy Hill and the Hillbillies for the last two decades. While the band may not continue to play at Disneyland, it will continue to exist outside of the realm of the Magic Kingdom. In an announcement on their facebook page, some of the Billys announced that they will be rebranding themselves as Kirk Wall and the Hillbillies. Here is a statement they posted on their facebook page:

SURPRISE! In order to make our band more marketable and unique, we have decided to rename ourselves to KIRK WALL and the HILLBILLIES.

Same great band, same great music and same great comedy, just a new name.

Also, we will continue to sell our CD “The Billys Live” until they run out, but we will not be ordering more under that name, so get them while you can.

Thanks for all the support. Y’all ROCK!!!

Part of the process of rebranding has also included a new website. It can be found at: The website has information on the band, information on how to save The Billys at Disneyland (with the link to the petition), and also a link where you can purchase their CD (while supplies last).

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