Market House Starbucks Now Open at Disneyland

A Panorama Look at the Market House Starbucks on Opening Day from the Entrance – Disneyland – September 25, 2013 – CLICK on Photo for Larger View

After months of waiting, the Market House has reopened on Main Street, USA at Disneyland. The Market House is now the home of the newest Starbucks at the Disneyland Resort. It will be one of four Starbucks locations at the Disneyland Resort when all announced Starbucks have been completed. The Market House Starbucks brings both new and old together in this new coffee house on Main Street. Guests visiting this new coffee house will recognize some classic artifacts that were found in the old Market House including wall-mounted party line phones, the iron stove, and the beloved checkers game. All have found new homes in the new Market House.


The old stove has returned to the Market House Starbucks on Main Street, USA – Disneyland September 25, 2013

The new Market House Starbucks has also added several tables and chairs to be utilized when guests are drinking their coffee or other drink of choice and enjoying a snack.  There is now a book room called The Book Rest. Inside guests will find tables, chairs, books, and the old iron stove. It will be a wonderful place to sit and rest up while spending a day at the park. It also would be a wonderful reading room… provided there are empty chairs or tables.

Today the Market House really was not that busy but expect that to change as Disneyland gets busier with the coming holidays.  There are two main queues down the center of the entrance to the Market House that will divide guests as they approach two ordering counters. For the opening day, the Market House had an abundance of staff who were easily accommodating those guests who wandered into the Market House to order a drink, or just look around. The cast members were polite and helpful and were interacting with guests walking through the empty queue, ordering, or even a DAPs Magic reporter who happened to be snapping some pictures of everything.

The Market House Starbucks is definitely a new look for a beloved space. It has some really wonderful nuggets of details inside its walls. It also does have the space to accommodate the crowds that will be entering its doors. Only time will tell if this endeavor ends up being a success but for now, it is looking like it will be.

As you enter the new Market House, remember a few things: 

  • Walt Disney was always changing things. The moment Disneyland stops changing will be the beginning of the end for both Disneyland and also the Walt Disney Company. A company that doesn’t change always dies.
  • The old Market House was grossly inadequate, in terms of queue space, during peak traffic times. The line would fill the entire room and the wait time was often rivaling attractions throughout the park.
  • The Market House is much like an attraction. Sadly, not all attractions get to stay at Disneyland. While they are loved and missed, they are never completely replaced. There are always nods to the past. The new Market House has done a very good job of remembering where it came from while moving forward into a new, higher traffic, era.
  • You can now buy real coffee at the Market House. Quality should not be an issue at this location ever again. Both Starbucks and Disney value quality. Gone are the days of grit in coffee and powdered coffee drinks.
  • You don’t have to support this location. If you really dislike it and really feel it should go away. The best way you can do that is to not frequent it. Do not go inside. Do not spend any money there. The almighty dollar really does help make decisions. If a majority of guests flat out refuse to drink Starbucks coffee at the Market House and it begins to lose money… changes will be made.
  • Look for the good. Clearly a lot of work was put into making this something that is functional and efficient so that guests can spend their time at Disneyland enjoying Disneyland and not waiting in line for coffee.
  • Be polite. Remember that the cast members you encounter on a daily basis are not the ones who make the decisions. They are proud of what they do and are proud of their new location. Don’t rain on their parade because you aren’t pleased by this new change. If you do feel the need to complain, visit city hall and politely and calmly do so. Remember, they aren’t the decision makers either. The more civil you are, the better it will be received.
  • Have fun! It’s Disneyland, that’s what it is there for.

Here is a video tour of the new Market House Starbucks with Johnny 5 and Murray the Bellhop: 

Here is the complete gallery of what the new Market House Starbucks looks like:

Commentary article on Starbucks and Disneyland teaming up in the Market House:

Starbucks Comes to Market House, Disneyana Gets New Home:

Another Panorama View of the Market House Starbucks on Main Street, USA – Disneyland September 25, 2013 – CLICK on Photo for Larger View



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