Disneyland Buys RV Park for Employee Parking

New Disneyland Employee Parking Lot

The Walt Disney Company is purchasing the Anaheim RV Village with plans to make a 1,400 space employee (cast member) parking lot on the corner of Harbor Blvd and Ball Road. The move was made to address the growing parking problem that has accompanied the expansion of the Disneyland Resort.

With more guests visiting the Disneyland Resort, parking has frequently become an issue. On busy days it is not uncommon to find signs directing incoming guests to park in the current parking lot behind the Toy Story Lot that is generally used for cast members. The Garden Walk lot and even parking for the Anaheim Convention Center have been utilized during the busiest of days as well. As parking lots of continued to fill up, Disney has had to occasionally even ask cast members to park at the Angel Stadium and then bus them across to the Disneyland Resort to get them to work. It comes as no surprise that this has led to some disgruntled cast members. Significant time can be added to their work commute as they take into account the busy traffic that the bus has to navigate to get them to Disneyland.

The new employee parking lot should open by 2015 and offer parking that is closer to the Disneyland Resort than Angel Stadium. It also may free up some current cast member parking for guest parking on busy days. It also could be a potential home for a new cast member parking structure.

What do you think of this new parking lot for Disneyland cast members? Good idea? Bad idea? Have you stayed at the Anaheim RV Village before? Will you miss it?

3 thoughts on “Disneyland Buys RV Park for Employee Parking”

  1. I feel like if they already know parking is an issue and they know that some day they’ll want to open a 3rd gate where the Toy Story lot is now, that they should skip the flat lot and make this be a structure big enough for all cast members. then they can also work on making another parking structure to rival Mickey and Friends (no positive where) I feel like this is the best way to nullify the current Toy Story lot making it be available for the 3rd gate.

  2. Honestly, it upsets me. My family & friends love to use the RV park. :( I understand the parking issues, I just really hate to see that TV park go!

  3. I think this will be horrible. We stayed there with our grandchildren for at least thirty days during each of the last three summers.I think it is the nicest RV park in the area, and I think it will be a shame if Disney destroys not only the nicest park but also the closest one to Disneyland. It is in walking distance to the park which is convenient for those who come without a car and don’t want to spend money on a shuttle. Surely Disneyland could find another location for employee parking.

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