Disney Infinity is now a month old, though it feels shorter.  But, that’s just because it seems so expansive!  With the month old anniversary of the release, Disney has released a Toy Box app for iOS this last week.  Ever since I started playing Infinity, I have been anticipating this app. The Disney Infinity Toy Box app is not the full game, but it is about half of it.  What I mean is that it represents a full version of the Toy Box found in the Disney Infinity game for consoles.  This Toy Box is all about building your own “theme park” or game.  Essentially, it’s building your own Disney world inside the game.  Pieces are unlocked in both the app and console versions of the game.  Once a world is built, players can explore it with a character of their choice.  And, it really is of their choice.  If you buy any of the figures for the console version, it comes with a code that unlocks the same character for the app, and the eventually released PC version of the Toy Box.  But, app players can also unlock a character within the app for about $2 per character.  There are also the exclusive “crystal” characters that are either hard to find or not even released for the console! Characters are easy to switch within the app.  There’s an icon for the virtual “board” and from there you select what character you want.  The controls are very similar to the console, and animation and moves are as well.  The app is exactly the game, just adapted for a portable touch screen.  Though it is fairly independent, whatever toy box is made within the app can be imported via the login account to any of the console versions! Now, what I like most about this app is its super easy way of building.  I do have the Wii U version, which is probably the second best because of its touch screen controller.  But, it’s still dependent on game stick controls.  This app is all about using iPad techniques to build a virtual Disney world.  Pinching and rotating are a synch in this game.  The items to place are nicely categorized.  There’s also no need to use the Magic Wand to customize objects or delete them.  It’s all very intuitive.  I think the only thing I wish they would do is automatically link it to my console account, where I could have immediately had toy boxes to edit.  Instead, I had to create a brand new one, but now this new one is better than any I’ve created before, all thanks to the very easy controls within the app. I would recommend the app to any Disney fan.  The reason is that it gives a great, fun taste of the game.  It’s also free until October 5!  So, whether you have Disney Infinity or not, it’s great to pick up now and test out. And, until next time, have a marvelous day!


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