A Very Warm Dapper Day at Disneyland

A look at Dapper Day at Disneyland on September 6, 2013

  1. Guests visiting Disneyland today may have noticed something a bit different… people were dressed up on a very warm day. This was due to it being “dapper day.” This celebration of all that is dapper now occurs twice a year at the Disneyland Resort and is growing in popularity at this, and other, Disney Resorts. What is also growing in popularity is the “Disney Bounding” trend. This is when guests will dress in a way that represents a certain character. You will notice there are some included below.

    Here is a look at some of the dapper guests at Disneyland today:
    Mark Eades of the OC Register Covering Dapper Day – Thanks for the photo Mark!
  2. Happy Dapper Day #dapperday#disneyland@ericsharp djseanpatrick @ New Orleans Square instagram.com/p/d77QsInZHt/
  3. Phyllis on the Mark Twain #dapperday#phyllisherman instagram.com/p/d7-V3jtSQP/
  4. Dapper Day at California Adventure! #dapperday#disneyland#disney#california#adventure #2013… instagram.com/p/d8atsSgqrS/

    Fri, Sep 06 2013 20:25:22

  5. Buena Vista Street #dapperday#disneyland instagram.com/p/d8da93iUBx/
  6. #dapperday at #dca with @nok_star @ Disney California Adventure Park instagram.com/p/d8RIN4LHb6/
  7. Dapper Day with this handsome fella! Sporting a Roger and Anita #disneybound :) #101dalmatians
  8. Outside the castle! Wondering what to do now?! Where are all the fellow Dapper guys and gals?! #dapperday#phyllisherman
  9. Finally made it to the parks and it is obscenely hot. Yaaayyyy. #dapperday#disney#disneyland
  10. It’s a Jolly Holiday with Mary