Starbucks Shows Presence at Market House

Starbucks Market House – Main Street, USA Disneyland

As the opening date (yet to be announced) for Starbucks at the Market House on Main Street, USA in Disneyland draws near, a few indicators of this new coffee shop are starting to appear. Multiple signs have begun to appear on the outside of the former Market House/Disneyana shop fronts. The most overtly Starbucks indicators are signs that say “Starbucks” and are shown here. There are also some more signs that are starting to appear that give clues to the storyline behind the new themes for these buildings. It appears there will be something involving a book store perhaps?

We’ll have pictures of this sign as soon as we possibly can. For now, what do you think of the Starbucks signs? Do you think there will be more? What did you think of the Starbucks Market House concept art?

Starbucks Market House – Disneyland Rendering

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