Starbucks Coming to Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort

Starbucks will be coming to Downtown Disney this winter in not one, but two locations. This morning it was announced on the Disney Parks Blog that Starbucks will be continue to expand its presence at the Disneyland Resort. A year from now guests will be able to find Starbucks in Disney California Adventure, Disneyland (opening in September), a permanent location in Downtown Disney across from the west entrance to World of Disney, and also a kiosk.

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  1. I’m super excited to have a Starbucks in Downtown Disney. We spend a lot of time in Downtown Disney without even going into the parks. It’ll be an excellent place for a walk and hot beverage in the winter.

  2. I am sadly excited about this. Haha. Probably a lot more than I should be! I love Starbucks coffee, and it will be really nice to be able to get reliably good drinks inside the parks. Especially at the holidays. Let’s just hope that they aren’t horrendously expensive, since Starbucks is already kind of pricey!

    1. I don’t know what is sad about that! I do think you are right about the reliability factor. As much as I love the Market House… there were a few times where the coffee was kind of like drinking… well… dirt. Generally later at night, not during the day. The only thing I’m really going to miss is being able to get the free refills… I think if I have a gold card I should be able to get a refill at a Disney Starbucks just like I can at my local Starbucks maybe? What do you think? Is that reasonable?

      1. Ah, yeah… Free refills were really nice. But, I agree, the quality was just not consistently great. Hopefully bringing in the “Starbucks” name means they’ll also put their baristas through the same training as they do in their regular stores. And yes! I feel like basic Starbucks rules should apply, even inside the parks. Haha. At least if you have a gold card… But who knows. It’ll be interesting to see if they change any of their policies. Still, I’m really excited, and I’ll definitely be buying drinks from there!

        P.S. I love your website! :)

        1. The other thing I’ll really miss about the Market House is the cast members in the morning. I had some of them serve me coffee for over a decade (closer to two). It was wonderful walking in on Sundays and catching up on the week and not having to order because it was already being taken care of while we talked.

      2. The locations in downtown Disney will be company owned, so it will be the same as your local Starbucks. The ones in the parks will be licensed stores, so they will be run the same as Starbucks’ in airports, grocery stores, targets, etc.

  3. Let’s face it, Disney has never been known for a good cup of coffee! I for one am excited, but I’ve heard others are not. Some people, like my husband, think Disney should limit the outside vendors coming into the parks. My only concern is going to be the amount of people in the limited space. We’ll have to wait and see.

  4. i’m glad there will be 4 because they will all be packed! i’m surprised they aren’t doing free refills or at least 50 cent refills. i think starbucks drip coffee can be kinda nasty and most people don’t order straight coffee at the bucks, so i think they would want people to drink more before it starts really getting stale. but disney and starbucks know people just want to walk around with the cup and don’t mind paying $5 for their sugar-milk drinks….but yes. glad to see u can get decent coffee in more places

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