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I know it hasn’t been long, but there are quite a few Disney things that happened over the summer. Next up, Disney in Concert. My family went to the San Francisco Symphony for this event. Last year, we went to Pixar in Concert, and we expected Disney to be just as great! For Pixar, it was strictly the movie scores, and for Disney it was a compilation of scores and songs. The concert opened with a classic medley of “Zip-a-dee-do-dah,” as well as songs from Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. They also threw in the “Mickey Mouse March” for fun. It’s funny because when I looked at the program, it consisted mainly of music done by Alan Menken and the Sherman Brothers. I joked with my family that it was a sneak peek of the concert I’d be seeing at the D23 Expo!

The first medley they played was from The Little Mermaid, and I couldn’t keep it together. If you don’t know, The Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie, so to hear the music I grew up with really got to me. What I was most surprised about, was the fact that they had 4 singers that sang a majority of the songs throughout the concert. To be honest, I would have preferred if the singers made only a couple of appearances, or not even at all. I do enjoy orchestral versions of Disney songs, and that is what I was expecting to hear. The singers were very talented, don’t get me wrong, but I felt like they were too theatrical and their presence didn’t fit the vibe of the concert. Nonetheless, it was still incredible, and it felt like we were sitting in on the studio recordings of some of Disney’s greatest movie albums.

The program went as follows

“Disney Classics Overture”

“The Little Mermaid Suite”

“Colors of the Wind”

“Beauty and the Beast Suite”

“I wan’na Be Like You”

“Mary Poppins Medley” (Sing-a-Long)

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame Suite”

“Aladdin Suite”

“Pirates of the Caribbean Suite”

“The Lion King Suite”

“it’s a small world”

Other than The Little Mermaid, Pirates was my favorite suite! We all know that the score is amazing, but to hear it in person and the sheer power of the orchestra was amazing! I loved it! It was a great afternoon enjoying the music that I have grown up with! I am looking forward to Fantasia in Concert next May, which I imagine will be beyond incredible! If you’re going to be in the San Francisco area at the end of May, I’d highly recommend getting tickets, as the San Francisco Symphony sure knows how to put on a marvelous concert!

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