Monstrous All-Nighter Through the Eyes Of: Amanda

To kick off the Monstrous Summer, the Disneyland Resort and the Magic Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort remained opened for 24 hours. This 24 hour experience was called the Monstrous All-Nighter. Friend of DAPs Magic, Amanda, experienced this extra long Disney day and was kind enough to take a few minutes to share about her experience.

Why did you decide to go to the Monstrous ‘All-Nighter’ at the Disneyland Resort?

I decided to attend the ‘All-Nighter’ because whoever gets a chance to spend a full twentyfour hours in the parks?! I wanted to say that yes I was there and enjoyed every minute spent. Not only was it about going for the twenty-four hours, but it was also for the special events and once in a lifetime merchandise.

Did you go to the One More Disney Day 24-hour Disney day? If so, what’d you think of that? Was this one better or worse?

I was unable to attend the One More Disney Day last year. After watching several vlogs and new reports of that event, I am glad that I did not go. The massive about of people seemed too overbearing. Just based off what I have seen about the One More Disney Day verses experiencing the ‘All-Nighter”, the ‘All-Nighter’ was much more organized and less chaotic.

Who did you go with?

I went with my friend Sarah, who I had met at another Limited Time Magic Event. This was both our first times doing a full twenty-four hours at Disneyland. Later on in the days, we met up with many more lovely people.

What time did you arrive at the Monstrous ‘All-Nighter’ and how long did you last (what time did you leave)?

We arrived on Disney property at 11:30 pm on Thursday night. We brought a ton of blankets and food, as if we were moving in. We had planned to sleep before the park opened in the esplanade, but we were too nervous and excited for the day. After many hours in the park, I left around 5 am on Saturday morning.

Did you stay awake the whole time or did you end up having to nap? If you napped, where?

I tried to stay awake the whole time but it was not possible. I was caught napping and awaken by my friends such as on a bench in Toontown, across from it’s A Small World, and face down on a table in Plaza Inn.

What attractions or shows did you go on? Did you find you were able to do everything you wanted to do?

As soon as the park opened, the crowds were extremely low and we were able to ride many attractions. We went on Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and Jungle Cruise within the first hour. Later on, we rode most of the Fantasyland attractions, multiple times, just because we could. As for shows, we were able to get wristbands for the AP showing of Mickey and the Magical Map. The show was a delight. I was also able to watch the 12:30 am showing of Soundsational, which was the most energetic I have ever seen before. We had accomplished everything that we had planned for and much more.

What was your favorite moment during the ‘All-Nighter?’

There were countless memories that were awesome . One of my favorite moments during the event would have to be when the Twitter account of @DisneylandAP sent out a tweet stating that the first 100 passholders to the firehouse would get an exclusive screening of Monsters University. The film was spectacular and make sure to watch it when it comes out in theatres, it is a must. The second memory would be having cookies and milk in Toontown while meeting the characters in their pajamas.

What were your overall thoughts and impressions about your experience during the ‘All-Nighter?’

I was very impressed about the organization of the event. There were many castmembers working hard to create magic for everyone. I also enjoyed the fact that there was never a dull moment and Disney had different events running all day long. The ‘All-Nighter’ was a huge success in my eyes and the experience was amazing.

Would you go to any future 24 hour Disney Days? Is this something you’d like to see Disney do again?

I would probably attend a future 24 hour Disney Day. I can never get eno

ugh of the happiest place on earth. I would hope Disney could do something like this again.

Do you have any survival tips for a 24 hour Disney Day?

Some of the survival tips I would suggest to anyone attending a 24 hour Disney day would be to pack blankets, snacks, water, and a lot of patience. Also, make sure to get some kind of rest before the event begins. Lastly, remember that the day is what you make it. Have fun with it and if you need a nap, take a break and rest.



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