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One year ago today, people were anticipating the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World’s One More Disney Day. To celebrate the Leap Year, Disney was keeping both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom open for the entire leap day.

As evening of the 28th progressed, people began to make their way to the Disneyland Resort so that they could be one of the few to brave the night air and enter the park right at open. DAPs Magic’s very own Johnny 5 was on the scene and provided hour-by-hour coverage of the entire adventure. There was a healthy turnout for the opening of One More Disney Day at Disneyland by those who wanted to brave Disneyland for 24. There was energy. There was a sense of optimism and adventure. One More Disney Day had begun.

Disney24_LeapDay20121February 29, 2012 was a beautiful day at the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland itself wasn’t overly crowded throughout the day. It was a perfect spring day to visit the park and people seemed to be having fun entering the Happiest Place on Earth under the special banners proclaiming the special day.

As the day progressed, some guests began to wonder if things were hyped up a bit and if One More Disney Day would just be another day at Disneyland. That was before people began to get off work. As the afternoon began to dwindle, more cars began to make their way to the Disneyland Resort. As the afternoon turned into evening, the streets around the Disneyland Resort turned into a massive traffic jam that lasted for hours and attracted the attention of local media and traffic spotting helicopters.

Inside Disneyland, the park was getting busier and busier. It soon felt like a major holiday (4th of July or New Years Eve) as guests packed into the original magic kingdom. Many guests enjoyed the energy and excitement of celebrating this rare occasion together at Disneyland. Some, were overwhelmed. And others took advantage of the craziness. Despite all the craziness, the Disney magic shown through the darkness.

As the night drifted towards morning, the traffic finally died down but a surprising amount of people chose to stay at Disneyland a tough it out to 6:00 AM on March 1st when Disneyland would “end its normal operating hours.” As the first day of March began, Disney characters could be found waving to guests in their pajamas as they ended their day. One More Disney Day was coming to an end.

Depending on who is asked, One More Disney Day was a huge success or not so much. For Disneyland though, it was definitely a success. One More Disney Day brought more than one extra person to the Disneyland Resort. A year later, people are still talking about it and speculating if there will be a return of this event in three years.

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