Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea Celebrate GRAMMY Nomination in Downtown Disney

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On February 5, 2013 the Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea brought music and dance to Downtown Disney, celebrating their 2013 GRAMMY nomination. The nomination is in the category of Best Regional Mexican Music Album (including Tejano) for Oye, their 8th album.

The event in Downtown Disney consisted of interviews with the media followed by a performance for the media and fans. Cindy Shea, the founder of the Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea, spoke with DAPs Magic about  the history of the Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea, the GRAMMYs, and their strong connection with Disneyland.

The Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea have a strong connection with Disneyland. They have performed at the Disneyland Resort since 2003. Cindy Shea commented, “it’s the best place in the world to have people from all over the world hear you.” This is fitting as the Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea includes women from around the world. This diverse ensemble represents women of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Swiss, Japanese, Guatemalan, Salvadorian, Honduran, Peruvian, Anglo, Samoan, Argentinean, Tongan, Panamanian, Japanese, and Columbian descents.

Shea also talked about the process of creating an album through being nominated and winning a GRAMMY award. On the nomination, “All of a sudden you get the notice that you are nominated and you scream!” She then proceeded to tell of how this really happened  for this nomination during a performance this year. The hope is that this will lead to a second GRAMMY award. Concluding her thoughts on the GRAMMYs Shea said, “It’s surreal, that’s all I can say.

The performance of the Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea included many fan favorite songs. It also included music from their most recent album Oye, from which they garnered their GRAMMY nomination. The Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea played energetically for nearly an hour. The end of the performance involved audience participation with dozens of people dancing by the end of the performance.

The Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea have received four previous GRAMMY nominations, 1 Latin GRAMMY nomination, and 1 GRAMMY Award received. The GRAMMY was for the 2009 Best Regional Mexican Album, Canciones De Amor. This song is the first time a song by an all female mariachi group was both nominated and won the GRAMMY in the history of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The GRAMMY Awards will be presented on February 10, 2013. More information can be found at

There is currently a documentary and book being worked on about the Mariachi Divas de Cindy Shea. More information can be found at The group can also be found on twitter and facebook.

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