Artist Watch Program Ending


Guests walking down Main Street, USA at Disneyland today might have noticed a change in the windows of the Fortuosity shop. They were clean. The signs detailing the artist watches no longer are painted on the windows of Fortuosity.

The Artist Watch program will be ending its run. One cast member indicated that the program will be over this week.

It is unknown what, if anything, will replace this program.

The program allowed guests to have pictures of their favorite Disney characters painted (or drawn) and then printed on to the face of a watch. Guests would then receive both the original piece of art along with the watch that they purchased. These could be customized and were available in full color or monochrome paintings.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, five watch artists were featured in Fortuosity: Charles Landholm, Eric Scales, David Scott Smith, June Valentine-Ruppe and Todd Wiesenhutter.

It is unknown what will become of the artists.