A Sunday Afternoon Walk Through the Walt Disney Family Museum

Alright, I probably won’t be the first person to have told you this, but if you haven’t been to the Walt Disney Family Museum, you absolutely need to go! While I live in the Bay Area, I’ve only been a couple of times, but there is so much to offer at this gorgeous location. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I took a friend who had never been before. I’m not the type of person to stop and look at everything, because I feel like it’s too tedious, but it was fun to see a new exhibit, located downstairs by the theater. I had only been to the downstairs level once before, which is the epitome of what I want my future house to look like, vintage Disneyland attraction posters lining the wall, as well as “it’s a small world” concept art by Mary Blair. This temporary exhibit is “Heinrich Kley: From Fantasy to Fantasia,” featuring concept art, maquettes, sketches, and a couple of replicas of Mr. Kley’s sketchbook, all on the art of Fantasia. It was a very small exhibit, but it had some really cool artwork around the room, which is the lobby of the theater.

I also noticed that some items were missing, mostly in the Snow White exhibit area, but that is to make way for an even bigger Snow White exhibit to come later this year. The missing pieces around the museum, however, did not take away from the amazing pieces and art that are around every corner. And, as always, I spent most of my time at the Disneyland model that’s from the 1970’s, looking at all of the comparisons of then and now. On a personal note, it was funny to come across a note written to Walt from an antique store that bears my family’s last name, and one of the owners name was the same as my brothers, including his middle initial! It was funny to come across that and joke with my brother later about him sending a note to Walt.

I always love going to the museum, especially when it seems as though there is something new to see every time I go. I even think I’m going to become a member! It also helps that D23 members get discounts on tickets and memberships, and since I’m still a student, I get a discount on top of it! If you’re a D23 member and are considering more than one trip in the next year, get a membership. The perks are great, and they have events quite often that are free to members, or discounted and a fantastic price!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day, and enjoy the Olympics! Stay tuned for an article soon as I’m going to the Pixar Symphony!!


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