DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs

This morning the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, Penny Arcade, and Candy Palace reopened their doors on Main Street, USA.  These iconic Disneyland locations have a fresh new look while also retaining some favorite details from the past. They also should make it easier for guests to purchase their favorite sweets, enjoy the Penny Arcade, or watch the master candy makers at work.

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor now has a greatly enhanced queue, more registers, and seats to enjoy the delicious sweets. There is also a window to view the cone makers making the delicious waffle cones. Next door in the Penny Arcade new lighting is reminiscent of arcades of old. While much of the space is now taken up with sweets for sale, there are still places to put and use your pennies. Moving along North through the complex, there is also an expanded viewing area to watch the candy makers create some of the candy that is sold in the new Candy Palace. The new Candy Palace flows nicely, has more registers to avoid long slow lines, and the paint job mimics the candy that is sold there.

Here are photos taken today of the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, Penny Arcade, and Candy Palace:

What do you think of the new layout and offerings?