One More Disney Day at Disneyland

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One More Disney Day

On February 29th at 6:00 a.m. Disneyland opened its gates to guests waiting to experience the 24 hour day that Disney was calling One More Disney Day. Some guests waited over night to be one of 2,000 to receive special Mickey ears given out as they walked into the park to the music of the Disneyland Band and some favorite Disney friends. Within minutes thousands of guests were streaming into Disneyland. As the day wore on however, the park didn’t seem to be that busy. This would all change as day turned to night.

As the night grew darker, the crowds grew heavier. Before midnight, Disneyland had signs saying it was full on the streets surrounding the resort and the gates had been closed due to capacity. Some guests reported spending hours waiting to park. The park remained busy right up until ending it’s 24 hour day at 6:00 a.m. on March 1, 2012.

One More Day was clearly a success for the Disney marketing machine and also the Disney Parks Blog. Disney Parks Bloggers Erin and Jim provided a steady stream of tweets throughout the day with clues about where they were located. The hashtag #Disney24 was trending on twitter. People began camping out for the Disney Parks Blog’s “Midnight Snack.” While not everything went completely smoothly due to the overflow of people, One More Day was a success.

In the coming days, we’ll hear about some of the stories of some guests who visited Disneyland for the Leap Day and the their take on One More Disney Day. Check back regularly so you can read the stories of the people who were there for some different perspectives on this special event.