A First Hand Look at “One More Disney Day” – Part One

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On February 29, 2012 Disneyland and Walt Disney World celebrated leap year by remaining open for 24 hours from 6:00 AM on the 29th through 6:00 AM on March 1st calling it One More Disney Day. Thousands of guests swarmed Disneyland and Walt Disney World to be a part of this experience. This is a brief interview with just one of these people. Rick Chavez visited Disneyland to celebrate One More Disney Day by himself and with his kids. Here is what he had to say about his day.

1. When did you arrive at Disneyland for One More Day?
How long did you stay?

I first arrived with my son and daughter after my son got out of school around 11am. It was not busy as I had expected it to be. Rides were very short and I think the longest wait for a ride was 30 mins and it was Star Tours. We stayed till about 5pm. Came home for dinner and I went back around 9pm and stayed till about 3am.

2. What did you think of One More Day at Disneyland?

It was a neat experience that I got to share with my kids. We are annual pass holders but this was something different so I made sure we got to be a part of it. Although when I later visited the park in the evening, I felt as it was very disorganized. I don’t think Disneyland expected the crowd that showed up being a Wednesday.

3. Did you have any problems with crowds or getting into the park?

Morning no problem at all. Evening, different story. I live across the street and left around 9pm and there was traffic all around the surrounding streets and freeways around Disneyland. Later I thought I should have just walked. Was stuck in traffic just to get into the parking structure for about an hour later to find out they were at capacity. My mother lives not far so I parked at her place and walked from there. After arriving the line for bag/security check was about a 30min wait. After that there was a line formed for the park. When I arrived around 10:45 the park was at capacity and no one was getting in. The lines got so long that a lot of people were just leaving home. Finally around 1am enough people had left and they opened the gates and we were inside the park. It was so crowded that it quickly took the fun out of being there. Maybe I got burnt out from waiting in line for so long just to get in that I probably had enough. I ended up leaving home around 3am.

4. What was your favorite thing about One More Day at Disneyland?

Being to be able to be a part of it with my kids was the best part about it. Also the extra things they had going on was a lot of fun. Characters were in PJs in morning and at night.

5. Is there any one specific experience you had during One More Day at Disneyland that stands out to you?

Waiting in line so long to get back into the park. Seeing the crowds and all the cheering was a scene to see.

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