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Make a list of iconic love movies and Lady and the Tramp would have to be included in that list. This beautiful love story, about two dogs from two very different backgrounds that fall in love, is now being released on Blu-Ray as part of Disney’s “Diamond Edition” collection. Lady and the Tramp is a beautiful movie about man’s best friend with memorable characters and unforgettable songs.

Picture and Sound:

Growing up with Lady and the Tramp on vhs tape, I was very excited to get to see what Disney could do with this flick. I was not disappointed. The colors are beautiful, but like a remember them. Just better. Some movies when remastered have ended up being way more colorful and bright. While this movie does improve with its colors, it doesn’t change the feel of the movie at all. The result is a movie masterpiece. This isn’t just a movie. It is art.

The sound for this movie is equally impressive. I remember being excited when I bought the soundtrack to Lady and the Tramp on CD. This by far eclipses that. Audio can be listened to for this film in the original 3.0 DTS-HD Master Audio track or the new 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track. Both are excellent.

Bonus Features:

There were a few bonus features for Lady and the Tramp. As usual with Diamond Edition Blu-Ray discs… I always wish there were more. Before I get into them, I would like to note that Disney did a really nice job at making the feel of this Blu-Ray right. Diane Disney Miller provides the setting for this Blu-Ray. There is audio commentary that Disney and Lady and the Tramp fans will love. There are deleted scenes and also a deleted song that is presented in storyboard format. There is also my new favorite type of bonus feature, second screen. I love being able to have my iPad on hand and get all the extra little nuggets that Disney offers through this feature as I watch the movie! Overall, I’d have to say that Disney did a decent job with these bonus features. Sure, I would love more but I definitely can’t complain about what was given!


Lady and the Tramp is Disney movie making at its best. It is a solid and simple story. People can relate with the different characters. People can feel for the characters. The themes presented in it are timeless. While it may not be the most adventurous, exciting, or grandious Disney animated feature ever made; it is certainly one of the most beloved. This is a definite must for anyone’s Disney movie collection. This presentation surely is worthy of the title “Diamond Edition.” A big hearty hat tip to Lady and the Tramp. It’s a love story I love to love.


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