Frank Anzalone’s “A View of the Magic Kingdom” is Really Something to Behold

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Frank Anzalone is a very gifted photography and also a Disney aficionado. He recently took his love of photography and love of Disney and compiled them together to make a very special book. A View of the Magic Kingdom is a gorgeous collection of Frank’s Disneyland photos. I recently took a few minutes to ask Frank a few questions about this book. Here are his responses:


How long have you been taking pictures?

I have had a camera in my hand ever since I can remember. My parents were very supportive when I was a kid and they gave me the family camera once in a while to take vacation pictures. I have been seriously shooting since high school… Working on the news paper and yearbook.

What was your first camera?

My first real 35 mm film camera was a Nikormat (got it when I was 16). It was totally a manual camera. You had to learn how to set the light setting and manually focus! (I still have this camera saved away too!)

When did you first go to Disneyland? When did you start taking pictures there?

My first trip to disneyland was in 1958. I think I really started taking pictures of the park around 15 or 16. My mom used to fuss at me for taking more ‘park pictures’ than ‘people pictures of the family’… But I have some fun images of the park of yesterday to look back on now!

What was the inspiration behind making a book of pictures from around Disneyland?

I have collected thousands of photos of the park. Every time I visit, I try to capture something new – a new angle, setting, etc. I have been making desktop pictures for my computer at home and using what I think are the best of the best. (I enjoy watching the slideshow when it rotates through the images. It’s the next best thing to being at the park!). My family and friends of mine like these photos too! I think they suggested that I try to put a collection together for those who just enjoy a nice Disneyland image…

How long did it take you to make the book?

As far as collecting images for this project… Years! The actual design and layout of the book took me about 4 months. The hardest part was trying to pick out the photos I would actually use… I just have a bunch to choose from and I was trying to figure out the “flow” of the book.

Do you have a favorite picture in it?

They are all my favorites! ;) however, I DO especially like the photo of the Partners statue with the tree of pick blossoms behind it. It is a beautiful time of year!

How hard was it to pick which photos were included and which weren’t?

That was the most time consuming part of this project. There are many photos that did not make the cut that are also nice photos – but as the book started to flow, I chose photos that I thought might help that move along. I looked for photos that were a little special, not the typical shot of the castle (for instance). I wanted to also share a few photos from press events that I had the opportunity to experience. Those are some fun images that I captured and had the honor to witness the event too!

Do you have plans for a Walt Disney World book or some other booK?

I will always collect photos from the parks… I have some special photos of DCA (before and during the remodel) and I hope to possibly put something together once that is complete. I also have been collecting photos from WDW. That would be a big project – and a fun one too!

Where can people purchase it?

Here is a link to the Blurb web page that is for this book:

or you can use this link:

At the moment, the book is available online through Blurb. This is a “print on demand” service and it is available in hard back, soft cover AND as an eBook for iPad!

Last one, who is your favorite Disney character?

Although not an ‘animated character’… I have always felt the answer to that question for me is “Walt”. He has had his successes and defeats… and his ‘character’, how he got through his challenges, is what made him a great man. I have put a few quotes from Walt in this book too.

A View of the Magic Kingdom is an absolutely beautiful book and would make an awesome Christmas present for anyone who has a love of Disneyland like Frank has. Take a few minutes to check it out and then get your own copy.

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