A Christmas Fantasy Parade Brings Christmas Magic to Disneyland

DAPs Magic Disney News – by Mr. DAPs

Every holiday season at Disneyland guests crowd along the parade route for A Christmas Fantasy Parade. This Christmas classic has been winding its way up and down the parade route daily during the holiday season at the Disneyland Resort since it made its debut on November 13, 1994 when it replaced the Very Merry Christmas Parade. The parade has been tweaked through the years but for the most part it remains the same parade that debuted in 1994.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade begins with a music box float with a ballerina on it and now Duffy in a Santa Claus suit as well. This is followed by trumpet and drum playing toy soldiers.

Santa’s Mail Room comes next with elves sorting Christmas letters and handing them to Mrs. Claus. Pluto also helps by sitting atop the float as he decorates the Christmas tree.

Welcome to a Winter Wonderland is the next section of the parade. After the float that looks like a book announcing the section of the parade, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger ride their sleds and throw snow on guests in this Disneyland winter wonderland. They are followed by a giant rolling Christmas tree, skating snowflakes, and also snow people! This all leads to Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a float where they are ice skating in a beautiful winter scene. This section of the parade ends with poor Eeyore pulling his overturned sled.

A Recipe for Gingerbread Treats is next. This has a group of animated bakers, gingerbread men and Clarabelle Cow attempting to help Goofy and Max (who are on a float) build a gingerbread house. With goofy leading things, it isn’t hard to imagine how everything turns out as hilarity ensues.

The Candlelight Christmas Ball is lead by Lady Tremaine and her to lovely (!?) daughters as they arrive at the ball. They are followed by a host of ballroom dancers that surround the beautifully ornate float that is covered with beautiful candles and lights. Members of the Disney royal family take turns on the float. This includes Princess Aurora, Prince Philip, Snow White and her Prince, Belle, Beast, Ariel, Prince Eric, Cinderella, and Prince Charming.

Chip and Dale lead the next unit aboard their toy hummer. They are followed by Woody atop a rocking horse on a pile of building blocks. He is followed by more elves and the Toy Factory float with characters from Pinocchio aboard. This is followed by Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear in a toy spaceship atop of another pile of building blocks.

Finally it is time for Santa Claus to make his appearance. This unit is led by the Seven Dwarfs who carry jewels to decorate a rolling Christmas tree that is following them. This is followed by some dancers dressed in beautiful warm clothing to weather the cold. Eight reindeer then bring Santa who flies in his sleigh to deliver greetings to all those along the parade. Santa is amplified so that the world can hear is wonderful laugh and he can interact with guests along the parade route. The back of the float generally has a couple of elves assisting Mr. Claus with three dancers dressed in their Christmas best that carry the rope marking the end of the parade.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade is a wonderful tradition at the Disneyland Resort. While this post does describe what it is like and the video can be watched below, nothing beats going to Disneyland and seeing it in person. It truly captures the magic of the season.



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