Disney: games can bring families together

Videogames can be a force for good, uniting families in a single activity, according to Disney vice president Thierry Braille.

Speaking in an exclusive interview withGamesIndustry.biz, Braille talked about the vision of the Disney brand, and that although more mature games such as Turok are published under the Touchstone label, there's still something for everybody.

"We have titles that are for a younger audience, but there are more titles, such as High School Musical that could gather the family, after the Sunday lunch maybe, and we can imagine them singing together."

"This is Disney – this inclusive way to bring the family together and have fun."

Braille went on to detail the company's development budgets, with 70 per cent spent on existing character franchises, 20 per cent on developing new characters, and 10 per cent that can go on new game areas – with the exception of sports and extreme-rated content.

"In the sports market we have our ESPN brand and an existing deal with Electronic Arts there, and for the extreme-rated area, we as a company don't want to touch these kinds of products."

He also stated his belief that Nintendo's platforms have made a "very beneficial contribution" to the games industry, and that rising development costs can in fact be a good thing for consumers, because it focuses publishers on producing games "of the highest quality."

The full interview with Thierry Braille will be published on GamesIndustry.biz next week.

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