Disneyland Paris’s four best rides as simulators

TheMagical has created ride-simulators for four of the best rides at Disneyland Paris. These aren't 3D ride-throughs — they're simulators for the control-systems for the rides! You are the god of the ride, in charge of opening the doors to different load-systems, dispatching maintenance personnel, and operating the lights and so forth.

The sims are brilliantly done — there's one for the Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion), Tower of Terror, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain.

It's like playing Lemmings, but with little theme-park guests impatiently milling around, waiting for you to scare the pants off of them.

I love this approach to simulating Disney rides. It's clearly aimed at those of us who, like me, are more fascinated with the ride's artistry than its thrills, the melding of artistry and engineering in the service of fun.

My dream has always been to work at the Haunted Mansion (I even wrote a novel about it) and this was totally hypnotic as a result.

I could have played it for days. I probably will.Link(Thanks, Metavisual!) . 

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