LOS ANGELES, Jan. 1 (UPI) — The Disney Channel's new "That's So Raven" spinoff in the United States, "Cory in the House," will feature three well-known guest actors.

The guest actors will be George Takei from "Star Trek," Don Stark from "That '70s Show" and Lupe Ontiveros from "Desperate Housewives," The Hollywood Reporter said Monday.

"Cory in the House" is set to premier on Jan. 12.

The new show features Kyle Massey and Rondell Sheridan reprising their roles as Cory and Victor Baxter.

Victor Baxter is hired as the head chef for the White House, the Reporter said. Takei will be playing the head steward on Air Force One, and Stark will play the Russian Prime Minister Schuzoff.

Ontiveros will portray Rosalinda "Mama" Martinez, the president's mother.