Find out about Disney’s Movie Magic

The Walt Disney Company has come up with a great idea for family weekends. It has tied up with Adlab Films to organise Disney Movie Magic weekends simultaneously at 10 Adlabs locations across the country on every weekend starting this week.

Disney Movie Magic will features popular hits like The Incredibles, Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Aladdin, Tarzan, Chicken Little, The Princess Diaries, 102 Dalmatians and many more.

"Families today don't have too many weekend entertainment options that engage the whole family together. Disney's Movie Magic is an initiative designed to fill this need gap all-year-round," announced Rajat Jain, MD, The Walt Disney Company (India).

He made the announcement at a charity show of the new Disney-Pixaar co-production Cars, earlier this week.

Disney Movie Magic is focused on delighting and fascinating children before and after the lights go down. Movie tickets will come in a specially designed envelope, which will contains a token gift related to Disney movies.

Adlabs locations will be dressed-up in the world of Disney and popcorn and beverages will be served in special branded glasses. There will also be monthly in-cinema contests with Disney merchandise as gifts.

In the past, kid-driven family viewing has been encouraged during vacations. However, this is viewing for the entire family, not just children, Pooja Shetty, director, Adlabs Films Limited, pointed out.

The details of Disney Movie Magic programmes will be widely publicised across media, she added.