Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters

Recently a new attraction opened at Disneyland USA. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on this new ride, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters. Officially opening on May 17th, this ride had it’s soft opening on Friday. The line had a steady 45 minute wait throughout the day so I grabbed a fast past.

I eventually returned in the evening around eight. There was still a 45 minute line. I entered through a small door and immediately found myself in a quasi toy space ship feeling hallway with a LOT of green and white. The fast pass line joined with the regular line just inside the doors and I soon found myself the size of a toy and being given my mission by Buzz Lightyear who was easily six feet tall. After being given orders, I found myself going up a hallway (yes, going up) to the boarding area.

The boarding system is very similar (almost identical) to that of the Haunted Mansion. There is roomfor two on each pod and two blasters that can be picked up. There is also a joystick so you can turn your pod to face any incoming targets. Then you are taken through a land of toys and eventually to Zurg’s lair where everyone is given a chance to defeat Zurg. Throughout the whole ride your pod keeps track of your score. This score is used at the end of the ride to discover what rank you attain. I reached Space Scout.

The exit leads you down another tunnel where one may email their score (and it looks like picture at some point). Then guests find themselves in the new Buzz themed store that has every piece of Buzz merchandise you can imagine.

On the whole, it is a great family ride, especially for a family who likes games and likes to compete. It was done quality and it does feel like the ride is made of giant toys. If you like Buzz Lightyear and Star Command, this is definitely the ride for you.
Source: Robert A. Laird



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